Answer this questionnaire to find out in which degree your Inner Child was wounded

  1. Do you often sabotage yourself?
  2. Are you a procrastinator?
  3. Do you tend to have unhealthy relationships?
  4. Do you find difficult or impossible to set healthy boundaries?
  5. Do you find inextricably difficult to make a decision?
  6. Do you have talents but you never make time to use them?
  7. Do you feel that you don’t you matter?
  8. Do you tend to treat others better than yourself?
  9. Are you worried about what people might think of you?
  10. Do you feel unworthy?
  11. Do you tend to feel guilty and apologize for everything?
  12. Do you are ashamed for being you?
  13. Does your inner critic treat you harshly?
  14. Do you feel depressed most of the time?
  15. Do you live without enthusiasm?
  16. Are you are addicted to something?
  17. Do you overreact?
  18. Do you feel that you are a victim?
  19. Do you experience a paralyzing fear when you are about to start something new?
  20. Are you a people pleaser?
  21. Do you stay in relationships that are not fulfilling because you have a deep fear of being abandoned?
  22. Do you find it hard to be alone?
  23. Do you distrust everyone including yourself?
  24. Do you have an eating disorder?
  25. Do you have difficulties expressing negative emotions?
  26. Are you a big worrier?
  27. Do you have trouble knowing what you want?
  28. Do you find difficult to enjoy or even belief in your own accomplishments?
  29. Do you feel unlovable?

If you have answered yes to ten or more of these questions, Inner Child work is for you!