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If you are ready to bring your inner work to the next level because you know that there is more to life than what you are experiencing now, you have arrived to the right place.

I believe that what is holding you back, is your negative self-beliefs and patterns acquired early in life.

The wonderful news is that you don’t have to go through years of therapy to start feeling better and enjoying the fruits of your effort.

I am willing to pass to you the array of tools that I have developed to reach a loving relationship with myself that in time has transformed my whole life.


  • 1

    Discover the roots of your negative beliefs & patterns.

  • 2

    Learn how to step into the energy of your Healthy Adult & live from this energy.

  • 3

    Rescue your Inner Child from the toxic environment they still are in & meet their basic needs.

  • 4

    Design a personal nourishing practice that will transform your limiting beliefs into empowering ones.

  • 5

    Practice treating yourself with love and compassion to restore self-trust and a natural joyful state.



Imagine how would it feel to express your authentic self without worrying about what others think of you? Would you like to transform your inner dialogue into one that makes you feel valuable? Say no without feeling guilty? Cut off toxic relationships and choose only the ones that enrich and nurture you?


When we are children, those that are in charge of our upbringing form our internal views of ourselves. If we are loved unconditionally, we will feel that we are enough. If we are treated with love and respect, we will feel that we are worthy of it throughout life and cultivate those types of relationships. If we are criticized constantly, we will do the same with ourselves and others. If we are physically or emotionally abused, we will seek out the same throughout our lives. It’s what we know and recognize as familiar. The problem is that this is a dysfunctional way to live life. Far from satisfying us, it moves us further and further from our essence which knows what is best for us.

What clients are saying about this program

“Cant say enough good things about Risa. She has helped transform my life and showed me how to heal and grow out of things that I had deeply let affect me. She’s caring and very generous with her time. Allowing you the space to feel you out and show you a treatment plan that’s an exact good fit for you. She has totally transformed my mind and life and if you’re looking to work with her you’re in for a wonderful transformational experience!!!”

– Navi


“Highly recommend Risa! What a beautiful angel ‘worker’ in this world. Risa has liberated herself and now spreading her wisdom and love to others. I am forever grateful for Risa’s kindness, gentile, caring and loving motherly presence, guiding me back home, to rescue my dearest inner child and take her out of misery and suffering to embrace, and enjoy this magical, marvelous, wondrous wild world! Super grateful to have encountered Risa at the right time. I was amazed and surprised by how emotions can easily come up during her guided meditation. And how wise my higher self is and how magical it is that she is always within me.”

– Alice

What to expect from the Healing the Inner Child six-weeks program

1. An effective method to re-parent yourself, learn to live from the healthy (adult) self , stop toxic programming, overcome negative patterns and  and get over the devastating consequences of trauma.

2. A safe and contained space in which to feel and release stuck emotions that do not serve you.

3. Learn to connect with your Higher Self or Healthy Adult through meditation and to communicate from this energy with your inner child to validate them and meet their needs in a healthy way. Initiate and cultivate a relationship that rescues the child who is still trapped in past experiences.

4. Understand how important it is to heal the injured child and embrace them with the unconditional love necessary to lead a full life in which being our true SELF is enough.

5. Have tools to recognize when you react from your programming and to be able to choose to move towards your healthy adult part.

6. Each session will cover an area of ​​human development from early childhood through age 26 (young adult).

“I am convinced that what stands between you and a fulfilling life are negative beliefs and patterns acquired in childhood. My mission is to offer you the set of tools that I have developed to achieve a loving relationship with myself, which over time has radically transformed my whole life.”

I offer a free 30 minutes discovery call/video call so you can clarify any doubts you might have about the program!


Would you like to be kinder to yourself and enjoy a calm and peaceful state of mind most of the time?

Would you like to transform your inner dialogue into one that nourishes your sense of worthiness?

Do you want to wake up every morning with a sense of meaning because you are using your talents and following your call?

I am here to help you to make that shift!


Do you feel the call to connect with the spirit of Nature through one or more of the 4Natural Elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air on a
Shamanistic Dance Journey?

Every element enriches and balances the internal system, enabling the participant to
integrate the positive attributes of each of them in his own body and psyche.


In this 3hrs online workshop your Healthy Adult Self takes the task to meet your Inner Child and bring them to a safe haven where they feel

protected, validated and loved.

You will learn the basics of how to reparent the young

energies in your subconscious that are repeating the patterns that no longer serve you.

FREE 21 fully Illustrated
E-BOOK with music
& teachings on inner growth

One - on - One
Coaching Sessions

Many of us tend to ignore or minimize the emotional wounds inflicted on us at an early age, though more often than not the psychological disorders we’ve developed as grown-ups are largely related to our childhood. Depression, low self-esteem, codependent relationships, addiction, indecision, fear; there’s an ongoing list of consequential symptoms that grow along with us as we age. We feel that there is something “wrong with us.” Though we are functional, we continue to play the roles that we developed in our infancy and act from a place of hurt.

“Releasing blocks and reaching inner peace doesn’t need to be complicated. All you need is to put the right time and attention to transforming your negative habits into ones that support you.”

I offer in-person (in Urubamba at the moment) and virtual sessions to help you heal trauma, overcome negative patterns and learn to live from your Healthy Adult Self. My holistic life coaching sessions are full of valuable guidance and information so you can continue your transformation beyond our work together.

Sessions can be hold in Spanish or English.


What modalities do you use?

I am not a conventional coach. I don’t follow a method you can find on any book. My way of working is the result of my three decades of studying and trying out (mostly on myself) what truly works for overcoming toxic thought patterns, low self-esteem and depression. I have a holistic approach to coaching. I use guided meditations with visualization, body awareness exercises, movement, Inner Child Work, ritual and my connection to Source.

I acknowledge that the soul possesses infinite wisdom and endless resources, so I am many times humbled by the solutions that my clients come with within the sessions and after.

Do I need to meditate as part of the coaching process?

Yes, I suggest guided meditations of about 15 minutes long to my clients as part of their daily morning practice. Meditation is a key element in our spiritual and emotional development because it trains us to observe our thought patterns; to become aware of our inner voice and to discover our negative conditioning.

Why movement and dance are complementary to your coaching practice?

The body is where all our experiences positive and negative are stored. It constitutes the bridge to our unconscious mind. The unconscious mind governs our bodily chemical reactions and processes. If we want to transform our thoughts embedded in the unconscious, the body needs to be the vehicle to reprogram ourselves. When we dance, move or meditate, our focus shifts from the mind to the body. We relax and began to feel what the conscious mind was repressing. In the same way that it prevented us from feeling unpleasant sensations, it blocked the door of our spiritual and emotional growth.

Do I need to dance if I want to be coached?

No. Every person is different so I respect that some clients do not feel comfortable dancing. Through meditation you can also connect to your body and that can be enough for getting deeper understanding of your emotions.

What can I expect from a coaching session?

I lead my sessions in such a way that very often, the sense of time disappears. In this regard, you could experience them more as a ceremony that lasts what it needs to last than a typical counseling session. The first session can take from two to three hours and consecutive sessions are typically 1,5 hour or more. There is some talk therapy involved but I mostly will guide you into a state of relaxation so you have access to the subconscious mind, where all the programming and memories reside and from where the most effective work can be done.

Am I aware of what is going on when you guide me into that relaxed state of being?

Absolutely. Although you will be guided into an altered state of mind, you would at all times be conscious of what it is happening and you can eventually get out of it, if you want to.

How can I know if you are the right coach for me?

Booking a free call with me can solve this doubt. I’ll be happy to answer to any question you might have.


This practice uses ancient wisdom ways of connecting with the sacred forces of nature. It focuses on interacting with the energies of the elements Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, enabling the participant to integrate the positive attributes of each of them in the body and psyche.


Through diving into the body and being guided to align with elements EARTH, WATER, FIRE, and AIR through shamanic dance, you will be able to:
• Integrate the positive attributes of each element in your own body and psyche.
• Make space for exploring corporality creatively. ,
• Navigate freely in most of the times sort of trance allowing inspiration to emerge and healing to take place.

There are many ways to connect with the energy of the Divine Creator but the one that I have found the most simple and direct is by working with the four elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire.
- Diane Dunn

Danspiritual 4Natural Elements Shamanistic journey is a great medium to release resentment, rage, sadness, negative beliefs and patterns.

In dancing with the 4Natural Elements we become aware of the miraculous universe that we are part of; that our being does not end at the limits of our body, that we belong to something bigger and more powerful; that we are one with all that exists.

We are energy. What surrounds us affects us and in turn, our vibration affects the exterior. We are all one.
Book a free-of charge call with me to design a Danspiritual session customized to your needs.

Saturday 5th MARCH 3.30 - 6:30 PM Central European Time (in English)
Saturday 12th MARCH
Pisac, Inca Sacred Valley
10AM- 1PM (in English)

Have you already met your inner child?
And more importantly, does he/she already know you exist?

No matter what you have lived through in childhood, there is an uncorrupted, wise, loving part of you that is called the Higher Self or Healthy Adult, a part in you that  is full of patience, compassion and unconditional love. One that is willing to take your child out of the dark place where they are.


Frequently, the child who suffered deprivation, abuse and injustice in the past remains frozen in these experiences within the subconscious mind.  The strategies they developed to save themselves from unbearable pain worked then. When we grow up, these strategies show up when our wounds are triggered in the form of destructive behaviors and limiting beliefs, insecurities, depression, addictions, lack of self-esteem and all kind of psychological disorders.


Every child needs the acceptance of their caregivers, protection, validation, to be heard, loved and respected. When these basic emotional needs are not met, the child begins to believe that there is something wrong with them when nothing could be further from the truth.


Getting in touch with your child from your Healthy Adult Self is transformative. In the workshop you will not only have access to your unconscious in order to rescue your child, but I will give you tools and practices that will help you deepen this relationship and continue healing.


I combine my experience as an Inner Child coach and a Danspiritual facilitator by applying the methods I use in guiding my clients to connect with their younger parts to release toxic programming. In this particular workshop, I have added movement, music and dance to make the experience more vivid and enjoyable.


IMPORTANT: This workshop is not suitable for you if you have been diagnosed with a phycological disorder (depression doesn’t count) or are an untreated victim of physical or sexual abuse.


    1. Recognize your needs.
    2. Learn how to raise your energy to be able to get into your Healthy Adult shoes.
    3. Set healthy boundaries.
    4. Heal old wounds.
    5. Being more patient and compassionate with yourself and others
    6. Cultivate hope.
    7. Recognize and transform negative programming.
    8. Accept yourself.

"Thanks to the workshop I could uncover some forgotten dreams and be guided into growing a more loving and healthy version of myself. Thank you Risa!”– Mirjam
"A beautiful and deep inner journey where Risa guided us to connect with our inner child in our own authentic way." - Marlon


The unconscious cannot differentiate between what we visualize or imagine in a relaxed and open mind state from what truly happens. When at the workshop our inner child—who had been feeling lonely or unsafe, for example, meets the adult self who is willing to embrace her lovingly and take care of her—this painful state subsides. And in time, if you are consistent in using the tools you have learned in the workshop and keep the contact with your younger self, you will witness an inner transformation.



Saturday 5th March, 2022

3:30pm – 6:30pm. Amsterdam time/ Central European Standard Time via ZOOM.



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Saturday 12th MARCH


Paz y Luz Temple. Pisac, Inca Sacred Valley


10AM- 1PM



S/70 Peruvian Soles


Pay at the location but registration via WhatsApp is required.

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Until we teach our children that they need to be concerned with how they look and with what other people think, they dance.
- Brené Brown