Hi, I am Risa Luna

I am a multi creative being, passionate about the art of happiness; holistic life coach, specialized in working with the Inner Child; creator and facilitator of the embodied meditation practice called Danspiritual, author and artist.

“I envision a world where every person keeps a spiritual practice, uses and shares their unique talents, leads a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life in loving harmony with Mother Earth and all beings.”

I have not always been the positive, enthusiastic and happy person I am now. I owe to my bumpy life journey the gifts and knowledge I am now able to offer to you.


Diagnosed with depression at age 19, I was told I was born with a chemical imbalance and that I would need to take pills for the rest of my life. Not until I stopped taking them, however, did my healing begin. In the search to find what the pills had been concealing, I fell into a deep depression and went through many years of feeling a victim, resentful, desperate, frustrated and unhappy. Three decades went on where I tried different therapies and did all I could to get out this cycle of negativity and hopelessness I was living.

The big shift occurred when I decided to take my mental health into my hands and listen to my intuition while at the same time keep studying all the alternative therapies that resonated with me. This is what I learned and did when I devoted to heal myself for once and for all:

  1. I decided to maintain my mindfulness meditation practice and not slack off whenever I felt “better”.
  2. I listened to my body and soul and started dancing freely, mostly in nature. Which in time, grew into the embodied meditation practice Danspiritual.
  3. I encountered one of my Inner Children in a spontaneous way. I started “working” with them. Having witnessed and validated the emotions that my inner children expressed and offering them protection, love and understanding, left me feeling lighter and relieved. Soon after, I realized that this way of releasing my negative emotions stored in the unconscious mind, was the last piece I needed to grow into a new ME. And it proofed to be true!

“After my radical transformation took place, I had the unstoppable will to help others to reach the peaceful and happy state I discovered was possible.”

I know very well how the mind of a person who has depression and low self-esteem works; how insecure, guilty, hopeless one can be; the self-hate, the procrastination, the fear, the impossibility to see our worth and so on. I went through that all. It feels so discouraging to try so many things, especially when we don’t see the results we were hoping for. So, I am with you. And I honor you for not giving up. And please don’t! There is so much you can do to improve the quality of your life.


My mission is to guide people, to release their negative beliefs and embrace fully their unique precious self. You and me share more similarities than differences. We all strive for a life that is worth living. I believe that in each of us there is an unstoppable power that is waiting to be unleashed. I’ll be honored to contribute to your self-discovery journey.
Allow me to guide you step by step to uncover the gold in you. You are amazing. We all are. I am positive that YOU too have innate capacities to claim your life back and learn to love and cherish the magnificent being you have always been.