Do you feel the call to connect with the spirit of nature through free style dance?


In this shamanic journey you will be guided to interact with the energies of the elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air, allowing you to awaken the positives attributes of each of them in your body and psyche.


By dancing with the natural elements we become aware that our being does not end in the limits of the body; that we belong to something bigger and more powerful.



Danspiritual consists of an embodied meditation practice that combines free style dance with Mindfulness exercises that motivate the participant to express their authentic self through the body within a safe space.


✔️ Relaxation
✔️ Better concentration
✔️ Higher self-esteem
✔️ Emotional release
✔️ Greater creativity
✔️ Increased capacity for playfulness and enjoyment
✔️ Increased vitality


The body is where all our experiences positive and negative are stored. It constitutes the bridge to our unconscious mind. The unconscious mind governs our bodily chemical reactions and processes. If we want to transform our thoughts embedded in the unconscious, the body needs to be the vehicle to reprogram ourselves.


When we dance, move or meditate, our focus shifts from the mind to the body. We relax and began to feel what the conscious mind was repressing. In the same way that it prevented us from feeling unpleasant sensations, it blocked the door of our spiritual and emotional growth.