The truth is that I love seeing people thriving. And most of all, I love people like you, who are searching to become the best version of themselves.
I believe in humankind’s potentiality and let me tell that if you are not in a good inner space, if you suffer of lack of self-esteem, confidence, drive and fulfillment, it is not your fault. You have been programmed by society, caregivers, teachers, peers and who knows who else to be that way!


You are born to be free and happy. Yes! Happy from inside out. I am not afraid of using this word. I love this word. It was my unshakable belief that
H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S existed, even when I felt ashamed of who I was and was deeply unhappy. This conviction gave me the strength to keep searching for this

Let me guide YOU to reach this same space which is nothing but your TRUE ESSENCE.

“You are happiness, joy, creativity, enthusiasm, playfulness, love, kindness and much more, when all who you are not is cleared out.”


I am here to help you claim the right which all of us were born with. We all deserve to feel good about who we are, have healthy relationships, find meaning in what we do, trust ourselves and lead a life that makes us wake up with enthusiasm and anticipation of the day ahead. I offer different coaching packages according to your circumstances. We start with a free discovery call followed by holistic coaching. Together we create a personalized plan to meet your needs and intentions.

I can work with anyone around the globe via call or video call. The sessions can be held in English or Spanish.


A Journey of Liberation

Imagine how would it feel to express your authentic self without worrying about what others think of you? Would you like to transform your inner dialogue into one that makes you feel valuable? Say no without feeling guilty? Cut off toxic relationships and choose only the ones that enrich and nurture you?


When we are children, those that are in charge of our upbringing form our internal views of ourselves. If we are loved unconditionally, we will feel that we are enough. If we are treated with love and respect, we will feel that we are worthy of it throughout life and cultivate those types of relationships. If we are criticized constantly, we will do the same with ourselves and others. If we are physically or emotionally abused, we will seek out the same throughout our lives. It’s what we know and recognize as familiar. The problem is that this is a dysfunctional way to live life. Far from satisfying us, it moves us further and further from our essence which knows what is best for us.

The program is aimed at adults both men and women who want to

Acknowledge their needs.

Accept their emotions

Let go of the guilt and stop sabotaging themselves.

Live from their Healthy Adult Self.

Become true allies of themselves.

Set healthy limits.

Heal wounds from the past.

Stop comparing themselves to others.

Choosing to do things they love versus doing things to get approval.

Be more patient and compassionate with themselves and others.

Cultivate hope.

Trust their intuition.

Give themselves more moments of fun.

Value their talents and use them.

Live a full and happy life.

Be agents of change.

Clear blockages and overcome traumas.

Spot and calm their inner critic.

What to expect from the Healing the Inner Child six-weeks program

  • An effective method to re-parent yourself, learn to live from the healthy (adult) self , stop toxic programming, overcome negative patterns and  and get over the devastating consequences of trauma.


  • A safe and contained space in which to feel and release stuck emotions that do not serve you.


  •  Learn to connect with your Higher Self or Healthy Adult through meditation and to communicate from this energy with your inner child to validate them and meet their needs in a healthy way. Initiate and cultivate a relationship that rescues the child who is still trapped in past experiences.


  • Understand how important it is to heal the injured child and embrace them with the unconditional love necessary to lead a full life in which being our true SELF is enough.


  • Have tools to recognize when you react from your programming and to be able to choose to move towards your healthy adult part.


  • Each session will cover an area of human development from early childhood through age 26 (young adult).

Each session will cover an area of human development from early childhood through age 26 (young adult)

1st session: 0 -9 months
2nd session: 9 months – 3 years
3rd. session: 3 – 6 years (Pre-school stage)
4th session: 6 – 13 years (School stage)
5th. session: 13 – 26 years (Adolescence)
6th session: Integration and design of a personal practice.

What is expected from the participant?

That they finish the 6 weeks process and dedicate 12 minutes a day to the meditations/practices and complete the weekly homework (30 -40 min per week) for best results.