The truth is that I love seeing people thriving. And most of all, I love people like you, who are searching to become the best version of themselves.
I believe in humankind’s potentiality and let me tell that if you are not in a good inner space, if you suffer of lack of self-esteem, confidence, drive and fulfillment, it is not your fault. You have been programmed by society, caregivers, teachers, peers and who knows who else to be that way!


You are born to be free and happy. Yes! Happy from inside out. I am not afraid of using this word. I love this word. It was my unshakable belief that
H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S existed, even when I felt ashamed of who I was and was deeply unhappy. This conviction gave me the strength to keep searching for this

Let me guide YOU to reach this same space which is nothing but your TRUE ESSENCE.

“You are happiness, joy, creativity, enthusiasm, playfulness, love, kindness and much more, when all who you are not is cleared out.”


I am here to help you claim the right which all of us were born with. We all deserve to feel good about who we are, have healthy relationships, find meaning in what we do, trust ourselves and lead a life that makes us wake up with enthusiasm and anticipation of the day ahead. I offer different coaching packages according to your circumstances. We start with a free discovery call followed by holistic coaching. Together we create a personalized plan to meet your needs and intentions.

I can work with anyone around the globe via call or video call. The sessions can be held in English or Spanish.


The three pillars of my coaching practice are based on MEDITATION (self-discovery), DANSPIRITUAL (connecting with the body and nature through free instinctive and Shamanic dance) and INNER CHILD WORK (reprogramming the subconscious mind).


The energy of our childhood and adolescent parts are active in our subconscious. More often than not the psychological disorders we’ve developed as grown-ups are largely related to our childhood. Depression, low self-esteem, codependent relationships, addiction, indecision, fear, etc.
When we consciously choose to be in the energy of the adult, to satisfy the needs of the inner child that in the past were not satisfied, we take responsibility for our life.

The vast majority of us grew up in environments in which we were victims of victims. Co-dependent relationships were established and as children, we were called on to fill inappropriate roles.
One doesn’t have to be sexually or physically assaulted to experience abuse. We need to delve deep in order to understand the depth and seriousness of the damage we were subjected to. Not out of self-pity or to place blame others, but to validate our lived experience rather than minimize it and to be able to look into the eyes of that scared defenseless child and rescue him/her. To take them out of a toxic environment where they still dwell and embrace them with the unconditional love needed to lead a rich full life in which being our true selves is sufficient.

What is Inner Child Work about?

It consists of reconciling the various Inner Children with the Grownup Self through a series of guided meditations and introspective work to provide a foundation of love and support. You will learn to communicate to your Inner Children and meet their needs in appropriate ways in a process of restoring a balance of roles in where the Adult Self, assumes the responsibility of his/her life.

A typical Inner Child Session

It starts with a short talk and intention setting followed by a meditation where you will be brought to a very relaxed state. In the sessions you will learn how to connect with your Higher Self or Healthy Adult. It is your Higher Self or Healthy Adult who will interact every time with your Inner Child(ren).

At all times the client is aware of what’s going on. I am there as a guide yet the client’s Adult Self is the one who does the work. In most cases, a few sessions are enough for the clients to feel that they are back in the driver’s seat steering their life.


— Meditation is a key element in our spiritual and emotional growth —

  • By meditating we create space to feel and process our emotions without judging ourselves.
  • It trains us to observe our thought patterns;
  • It helps us to become aware of our inner voice and to discover our negative conditioning.
  • Thanks to meditation we exercise our connection with our wise, intuitive and compassionate version: our Higher Self.
  • By being trained to connect with our body’s sensations through meditation, we are more likely to notice when we have been triggered and we can then choose to move into the energy of our Higher Self or Healthy Adult.
  • It is in meditation that we take the task of updating the younger parts in our unconscious that were programmed to play certain roles that no longer serve us.
  • It is in this state of connection with our true SELF that we can replace our negative beliefs with ones that give us strength and confidence.


— Danspiritual is an embodied meditation practice that combines instinctual movement and dance with meditation and visualization as a means of expression and consciousness expansion —

The body is where all our experiences positive and negative are stored. It constitutes the bridge to our unconscious mind. The unconscious mind governs our bodily chemical reactions and processes. If we want to transform our thoughts embedded in the unconscious, the body needs to be the vehicle to reprogram ourselves. When we dance or meditate, our focus shifts from the mind to the body. We relax and began to feel what the conscious mind was repressing. In the same way that it prevented us from feeling unpleasant sensations, it blocked the door of our spiritual and emotional growth.

I created Danspiritual in 2014 and it has become not only a tool I teach and share with others but my way to connect with my inner joy, release unwanted energies, express gratitude, send love and balance my whole being.

Danspiritual helps you to

• Connect with your original sense of joy and playfulness.

• Move and transform the locked-up energies.

• Overcome obstacles.

• Install new empowering beliefs.

• Move from your head to the body.

• Step into the present moment.

• Express yourself in creative ways free of expectations

• Find clarity and balance within the body.

• Connecting with the zest of life

• Celebrate and give thanks to Life Source.