I have been reflecting on everything that helps me maintain a state of calm, joy and happiness every day. This is the list of the things that I do and those that I stopped doing to nurture and cultivate them.

I DO NOT CRITICIZE OR BLAME MYSELF. I have stopped criticizing and recriminating myself for what I did, didn’t or did not do well. If I say something unpleasant to myself, I immediately apologize. I don’t let any voice weaken my hard-earned self-esteem. It’s not about condoning my faults. I admit them when I’m wrong, but I don’t beat myself down or punish myself for failing. If I did something that hurt someone, I apologize and say to myself: ¨I’ll do better next time” and move on. If the thought comes back, I stop it and focus on something else and do it as many times as necessary.

There is a common belief that “constructive” self-criticism helps us improve. I disagree. Criticizing ourselves focuses on our defects and negative patterns and on our incapacity of overcoming them so far. This disempower us and makes the change we seek harder to reach, if not impossible. Consciousness brings awareness of our failures and weaknesses without being judgmental or blaming. This accepting and compassionate attitude, encourages us to make the leap and try as many times as necessary to master the qualities we are wanting to develop. When we have a non-critical attitude the fear of failing diminishes. This approach communicates to our unconscious mind that it is safe to try, that we are trustable and worthy of the effort; and that we are deserving of the joy of achieving that that we are looking for.

I LET GO & FORGIVE everything that is not aligned with light and love; I do not carry resentments or rage. If I am upset about something, I express it in a safe way, I communicate it or I dance it in connection with the 4 Natural Elements; I ask them to clean up what clouds my peace and that that energy be transformed into something positive and it works!!!

I GIVE THANKS as soon as I wake up for all the good things in my life, for my health, for being alive, for my family, etc. I recognize that living with gratitude raises my vibration and brings abundance into my life.

I MEDITATE & DANCE. Meditating and dancing connect me with the best version of myself, with who I really am, with my innate happiness and my inner peace.

I TRUST. It’s been a few years since I decided to stop worrying. I have trained myself to trust that something greater than myself is on my side and to trust the flow of life accepting that whatever happens is for my higher good.

I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for what is happening in my life. I stopped feeling a victim of my past. I know that my life is the expression of my beliefs, thoughts and actions. That is why I take care of what I say and tell myself, think and do. I am not perfect, but I am very aware of the vibration I am in and I try to keep it as high as possible most of the time.

I WORK DOING WHAT I LOVE. I choose to do the job that satisfies me the most; the one that feeds my soul. I know that it can be difficult to have a job we love so if this is not the case, I suggest that we bless the work we have and value our contribution in doing it. And at the same time, let’s find time to do “something” that we love doing and that makes us happy whether it is financially remunerated or not.

I TAKE CARE OF MY BODY. I lead a healthy life: I exercise (dance and walk!) And eat healthy food (vegan). Sometimes I eat unhealthy things, like most of us, but I try to make that an exception to the rule.

I HONOR & CONNECT WITH THE NATURAL WORLD. This is a big one. I am aware that I am part of this universe. I appreciate and try to be surrounded by nature as often as possible. I honor nature inside and outside of me. I have an intimate relationship with the 4 Natural Elements of appreciation and gratitude. They give me their qualities, they strengthen me, cleanse me and connect me with my shamanic side. They remind me that I am infinitely powerful, wise and beautiful, like everything that exists in this universe.

I SEE ABUNDANCE IN EVERYTHING. I trade my fear of poverty for awareness of abundance. It was not easy. No way! Sometimes, these fears are passed on to us when we are really young and stay in the way of our financial wellbeing.

I LOVE & VALUE MYSELF. I continue to learn how to love myself, to honor myself and to respect myself. I practice what I call holy selfishness. I don’t say yes when I want to say no. I set limits. I choose well with whom I share my time and energy. We are the most important people in our life, that is my belief and I live in accordance with it. That doesn’t make me selfish. I am a generous and empathic person but I don’t go against my own wellbeing (anymore) to please others.

Happiness is for me the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and others.