What do you do when someone hurts, insults or rejects you? When they treat you with injustice or how it happened lately to a very dear friend, who had her money partly stolen by the sellers at the clerk’s office where she went to pay for the house she was buying?


Feelings of anger can be intense and can make us want to take revenge.

I recently had problems with non-empathic people for a period of a month and a half. Their behavior generated a lot of tension, frustration and anger in me. I share with you the three things I did to get rid of these heavy feelings. If you follow me for a while, you know that I use ritual, meditation, dance, imagination and visualization to transform my energy.


That is what I tried:

1. Dance with the four Natural Elements.

The first thing I did was to dance with the elements and to especially ask Mother Earth to receive my anger and my desire for revenge and transform them into light and love. It worked. I felt lighter and liberated. But as the problems continued, I was charged with negative feelings again and each time they got stronger. I decided to dance again but using another method.

2. Give back the shit in an energetically way.

As I danced to an energizing rock song, I threw these people back, all the shit they had thrown at me. I imagined that it covered their house with it. It was cathartic and even fun, I won’t deny it, but it did not leave me completely liberated. I do not remember if it was that same day or a few days later, that my anger grew so much, that I couldn’t almost think of anything else and the truth is that these thoughts were taking away my energy, my joy and my peace, which I cannot bear. I was thinking about what to do, when suddenly a phrase came to my head: “This person is your teacher” and “Everything happens for your highest good.”

3. See a teacher in whom makes you suffer and that everything that happens is for your highest good.

Uffff … my teachers? Is this for my higher good? It was not easy. I began to repeat the phrases, while taking deep breaths. One of these people had specially been very selfish and offensive so I began to repeat: “She is my teacher.” “She is my teacher.” and “Everything that happens is for my highest good.” Suddenly I understood that the lesson this person was bringing me was one of compassion. I know that the one who hurts someone is suffering. She was suffering to behave that way. That was clear. But there was so much resentment in me towards her that it was hard for me to feel compassion. I tried with all my heart to feel her suffering. I saw her as a child, being humiliated, alone and confused. It was working, but what about my anger and frustration? And with the pain of being treated unfairly? I opened my heart and let that anger out and I cried; my throat chakra ached. I also felt like a child and called with my imagination a wise mother who filled me with divine love and holded me. She healed these and possibly other wounds connected with this experience.


It was the third way, the most effective and complete without a doubt. I think it is valid to use the imagination and follow our inspiration to get rid of anger and other unwanted sensations. For me, the best thing about this last one was allowing me to feel what I felt and feel compassion for me and not trying to get rid of the rage and everything I was feeling ahead of time. In the end, when I gave these emotions attention and space, the anger and pain disappeared.

Let’s be aware of how we feel after our rituals. Your body and soul will tell you.